Canyoning trips in Morocco

To quench the thirst of adventure of enthusiasts canyoners, Máxima Aventura has created a series of exclusive tours to explore the canyons of the High  and Medium Atlas. With spirit of pioneers and adventure share, those circuits of 4, 8 or 11 days will fill hungry athletes demanding thrills, breathtaking landscapes and wilderness.

Considering the specificity of Moroccan territory, those canyoning tours mix the trekking in the legendary landscapes of the Atlas Mountains with spectacular formations into vertical canyons surrounded by vertiginous cliffs carved by snowmelt.

Amazing spot for canyoning amateurs, we will discover hidden worlds inaccessible without equipment  and  reserved till now to few intrepid Berber shepherds. In small groups (4-6 max per guide) for an optimal framework to growth and advance safely in big abseils aquatic or dry and do oppositions in chaos of gigantic blocks, it is a new extreme cocktail mixing fun, adrenaline and  nature that awaits you every day.

Foremost human adventure, respect, solidarity, mutual aid in the effort and openness spirit are the ingredients to enjoy these treasures of nature and live an unforgettable experience with the Berbers.

Canyoning tour in the canyons of the High Atlas of 8 days and 7 nights 


Number of persons per group: 4 to 6

Technical-fiscal Level: Medium/ high

Prices of the circuit: 850€ (Note: The insurance included in the price does not cover cancelations fees. It is possible to contract an additional insurance for 48€. Ask us for details concerning insurance)

The price includes: All meals from arrival till dispersion in the airport of Marrakech (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and break snacks), accommodation (Hotel, Inn, Camping and bivouac), all the logistics (vehicles, carriers, muleteers), supervision by technical guides graduates and Logistics (chauffeurs and cooks), technical equipments, insurance and management fees.

The price does not include: air travel to and from Marrakech, additional consumption, gratuities and personal expenses.

Equipment needed for the stay: Bag back of 55-60 liters, individual sleeping bag (confort 5’C), flashlight with batteries frontal kind, flexible hiking boots / tennis (with laces and good  soil), sunscreen, gap, sunglasses, hat / light glove, waterproof jacket Gortex types, shorts, swimwear, pants lightweight, fleece jacket, spare clothing (cotton and synthetic T shirts, sweater, socks, underwear), small toiletry and towel.

Note Important: For Morocco, the passport must have at least 6 months validity before expiry to stay in the country.

Program of the canyoning tour in the canyons of the High Atlas of 8 days and 7 nights from the 5th till the 12th of october 2018

Day 1: Flight till Marrakech and transfert to the gorgeous village of Zaouiat Ahansal with 4×4 in the heart of the High Atlas mountain. Night in a Inn/hut preparing our body and soul for the next days of adventures and chalenges.

Day 2: Breackfast and trekking day toward the plateaux where starts some of the most beautifful canyons of Morocco.  Muleteers will follow us charging all the necesary material for the next days (tent, canyoning staff, tipical moroccan food etc). After a tea breack in the wonderfull village of Tagghia surrounded by cliff and paradise for climbers, we will follow the ascension till the base camp for the first night of bivouac

Day 3: Breackfast and descent of the first canyon. Natural jowel with unique rocky formations lost beween high cliff, this acuatic canyon offer a range of abseils and gorgeous opositions. Then we will come back till the next base camp walking folowing a scenic treck use by local goats sheepherds enjoying berber teas, a good meal before the second night of Bivouac.

Day 4: Descent of the second canyons. After the breackfast, muleteers will take bac the staffs of the base camp and we will go to the Akka n’Tagghia superior. One of the most impresive canyons, semi-acuátic, very far of the civilization. Then, we will do another vertiginous walk to return till Tagghia to stay in a typical berber inn, rest and enjoy a good dinner.

Día 5: Rest day in Tagghia with posibilities of nices walks in the circus, enjoying the berber life and organization of a small isolated mountain village.

Day 6: Early breackfast  before to start the trekking until the start of the Aka n’Tagghia inferior. Another cocktail of adrenaline rush abseiling the waterfalls and amazing views will be the ingredient of this acuatic canyon that lets nobody indiferent. Then finishing the canyon, we will walk back till Zahouiat Anhansal for the last night in the Atlas Mountains.

Día 7: Drive back till Marrakech with 4X4, cultural visits and good bye dinner. Night in Hotel.

Día 8: Way back till the airport and go back home.


Video canyoning in Morocco

NOTE: Organize Monerris Tour Experience (CV-m1573-A). Av. Marina Baixa 4-3 º B
C.P: 03570. Villajoyosa (Alicante). Maxima Aventura Company only participated as guides.